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Farewell Red Rover


The 1989 Red Range Rover was sold today to a great guy from Virginia. He flew into Tweed Airport in New Haven, picked up the rover, and drove it back to Virginia.

Over the past year I had been trying to sell the rover by various means. I tried AutoTrader. It resulted in one interested person over the 12 weeks of advertising. I tried putting it along the road side. This brought out a few interesting people. One guy claimed to be a professor at a local community college. He was pretty nutty and I don't know what he taught. Other people stopped to look at it too. I tried posting on various Rover groups online.

Ultimately it was a reader of the Bay State Rover Owners Association that tipped off Jesse, the new owner. Jesse was willing to purchase the rover sight unseen. Fortunately I have a web site that details all the various projects I've done to the rover. Jesse had seen the site and read about all the ugly details and still wanted to buy the rover. Over the course of two months we lined up dates and times, used Paypal, sent the paperwork, and got a flight to the northeast.

Polar Plunge 2007

Brian and I decided the best way to start 2007 was with a dip in the ocean (really it's Long Island Sound). We lucked out with the weather. Sort of. It was raining but the temperature was in the upper 40's. Which was about the same as the water. I guess we sort of eased into the whole Polar Plunge thing. Maybe we'll do it again next year!!

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