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Happiness is a black Prius


After much hemming and hawing about a replacement for my trusty 1996 Civic I bought a 2004 Prius. I'm still getting used to the car and all the fancy buttons. Look for a web site about it sometime soon.

Here's the full story.

My vehicle requirements:

  • Four doors
  • Seats at least four adults
  • Fuel efficient (at least 40mpg average)
  • Has fun things (sunroof, CD, extra buttons for stuff)

Since December 2006 I've been looking for a replacement for the Civic. So I started my search with diesel VW's. Diesel because it can be operated on straight vegetable oil. VW because they're one of two manufacturers that import diesel cars into North America and have great fuel economy. Sheri and I test drove a 2005 Passat Wagon and it was wonderful and it cost $28,000. That was far beyond my price range. A little more looking and consideration I settled on a Jetta sedan. A good deal came up nearby our home so I went for a test drive. The car felt a little small. I checked out the back seat and that confirmed the feeling without any doubt. Vw's were officially off my list because that can't fit an adult in the back seat.

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